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Silks were originally reserved for the Emperors of China for their own use and gifts to others, but spread gradually through Chinese culture and trade both geographically and socially, and then to many regions of Asia. Because of its texture and lustre, silk rapidly became a popular luxury fabric in the many areas accessible to Chinese merchants. Silk was in great demand, and became a staple of pre- industrial international trade. In July , archaeologists discovered intricately woven and dyed silk textiles in a tomb in Jiangxi province, dated to the Eastern Zhou Dynasty roughly 2, years ago. There is a surviving calendar for silk production in an Eastern Han 25— AD document. The two other known works on silk from the Han period are lost. This trade was so extensive that the major set of trade routes between Europe and Asia came to be known as the Silk Road. The Emperors of China strove to keep knowledge of sericulture secret to maintain the Chinese monopoly.

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Ever since early history, humans have developed a special bond with dogs. As pack animals, dogs have an inherent sense of loyalty to their pack and have a need for companionship, love, security, and friendship. As humans, we share many of these same needs. Over the years, this has led to dogs cementing their place right by our sides, as man’s best friend.

While we as humans view our dogs as our friends, they view us as members of their pack. All dogs are loyal and have the capacity to show great loyalty, but some may have stronger instincts for loyalty than others.

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The Egyptian Spice Bazaar in Istanbul has been selling nuts, fruits and spices since A bustling gastronomic paradise since , this is the best place to pick up dried fruits and nuts, spices, olives, Turkish delight, oils and essences of the finest order. Bronze curios glint in the sun, torpedo-sized dates are stacked to the rafters, and the decadent scent of freshly ground Mehmet Efendi coffee merges with the aroma of fresh fish, with surprisingly non-toxic consequences. Marriage proposals should only be entertained if they involve free Turkish delight.

Disorganised and wholly unruly, relentless sellers on table-tops wade among overflowing wares, bellowing prices and bagging goods at the slightest sign of interest. Favoured by locals, tourists are refreshingly absent, so keep the cameras under wraps, adopt a steely visage and don’t hold back from joining swarms of angry mothers raking through mountains of clothing, as these will, no matter how unlikely it seems, produce the occasional gem.

Bags and loved ones should be kept close at all times. With beady-eyed punters beginning their forage as early as 6am, shalwar-clad damsels and their moustached counterparts police topsy-turvy stalls in a chorus of discordant bellows. A trip to Anatolia and back again — and all before breakfast. Shuts up shop early, at 4pm.

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In July , Dr. Miki Morita started work as the Georgetown-IDP Postdoctoral Research Fellow for North American Collections with the remit of researching artefacts from the eastern Silk Road held in public and private collections in North America for inclusion on IDP.

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How Do You Remove Ink Stains from Silk?

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LYRICS FOR SONGSHEETS-FROM COPY AND PASTE TO MAKE SONGSHEETS FOR AUDIENCES. ABA DABA HONEYMOON “Aba, daba, daba, daba, daba, daba, dab,” Said the Chimpie to the Monk, my wardrobe is a wow! Paris silk, Haris tweed There’s only one thing I need. Got my tweed pressed, got my best vest, all I need now is the girl Got my striped.

What Is a Duvet Saving the Silkworm In the production of organic silk, the cultivation of the silkworms may be different too. Typically silkworms are destroyed in the final part of the silk farming process. This is to insure that the single, long silk strand isn’t broken when the moth emerges from the chrysalis. Some natural processes spare the silkworm and use other methods to repair the silk that’s torn as the moth leaves the cocoon.

There is some debate about the impact of these alternative processing practices on the environment and on the quality of the silk. Although marketing materials may suggest that saving the silkworm is an organic, humane practice, the jury is still out on the most eco-friendly way to accomplish this. Looming Practices The way the silk is loomed plays a part too.

In some areas of the world, old-fashioned hand looming is a key factor in creating silk and sustaining a healthy local economy. Supporting manual methods helps to maintain a balance between human and other natural systems in these areas of the world. Automating silk looming threatens local economies and often starts a cycle of increased energy use and environmental stress.

No Weighting The practice of “weighting” silk involves adding chemical salts to the fiber to make it heavier.

The History of Silk Screen Printing

I’m a firm believer that good bed setups get you a lot of extra repeat business. Also even though sheets seem expensive, good ones last fucking forever. This is one of those areas where you generally get what you pay for.

One of the things Thailand is known for world-wide is Thai silk. Thai silk is known as being the best silk in the world. It’s famous for its bright colors, beautiful designs and gorgeous quality. The best place to buy Thai silk, of course, is in Thailand and Bangkok, the capital city, has some [ ].

The oldest silk found in China has been dated to about BC, which means that it is from the Chinese Neolithic period. This silk was found in the Henan Province, a region widely regarded as the cradle of Chinese civilization. Another example of very old silk in China is a group of silk threads, a braided silk belt and a woven silk cloth fragment dated to circa BC. These items were excavated from the Liangzhu culture site at Qianshanyang, in the Zhejiang Province.

The oldest known written reference to silk is on a bronze fragment found at the Shang Dynast site at Anyang. The Shang Dynasty existed from circa to circa BC. A small ivory cup adorned with a carved silkworm design found in China is thought to be between and years old. Hsi-Ling-Shi is credited with both introducing sericulture and inventing the loom upon which silk is woven.

In Chinese texts, she is sometimes referred to as The Goddess of Silk.

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The photographer Damon also shared a snap with the blonde in a similar position. He utilised the image to pen an emotional open letter to himself. Sharing another snap from the racy shoot, Ellie was sprawled out across the floor as she protected her modesty with the sheet His work:

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If a girl falls into the following criteria, she is off limits forever until the end of time: A Was a bro’s ex-girlfriend. B Your bro specifically told you he wanted her. C Is your bro’s sister. Two hours later, I was lying on the most comfortable mattress in the world, my head was resting against a pillow from paradise, and for once in my life, I was actually warm enough; but I still couldn’t fall asleep.

I grabbed my phone from the table next to my bed so I could figure out what time it was. Apparently it was 1: One minute later than when I last checked it. I let out a long, frustrated sigh. Ever since my dad was first diagnosed with cancer, I’ve had trouble sleeping.

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A rich heritage and a unique shopping experience The Woods family name has been associated with luxury linen since , when a young William Woods started out as mercer in Laugharne, South Wales. To this day, Woods Fine Linens continues to uphold the traditional values that have earned us unparalleled respect and admiration worldwide. Our shop, now located on Station Parade, is a treasure trove of the finest linens sourced from all over the world, led by fourth generation family member William Woods, a BIID-approved interior designer and one of the best respected in the UK.

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The Term “Byzantine Empire” The name Byzantine Empire is derived from the original Greek name for Constantinople; Byzantium. The name is a modern term and would have been alien to its contemporaries.

How do you forget the hottest night of your life? Hayden Taylor awoke to silken sheets and the warmth of a hot, sexy guy—wait. Where the hell is she? And why is she naked in bed with an incredibly sexy stranger? The only thing Hayden knows for sure is that whoever he is, they had one very naughty night together. All he and Hayden have to go on are their burned clothes, a ton of cash and a car painted to look like a ladybug.

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However when we come home completely exhausted, we often find ourselves stumbling through the living room, and gravitating to this comfortable place we have come to love. However when was the last time you ever saw a guy get sold on anything related to bedding in that price range? The answer to that question is never. Consider that good bedding hits on three key points which well get into more depth later on.

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Chem and Eng News, 12 Sept , p Researchers at the Smithsonian Institution have developed a way to estimate the age of ancient silk from just a piece of fluff from priceless textiles. The new mass spectrometry-based technique requires a silk sample size that is signficantly smaller than what is needed for successful carbon dating, the only other scientific method that can date silk, explains Mehdi Moini, a conservation chemist at the Smithsonian’s Museum Conservation Institute.

Silk is composed of intertwining strands of protein extruded by a silkworm and has been used as a textile for some 2, years in flags, tapestries, carpets, and clothing. The Smithsonian team examined aspartic acid residues in silk protein and found that, over time, aspartic acid racemizes, changing from the L form to the D form. They discovered that by measuring the L-to-D ratio, the age of the textile could be determined. Silkworms made to spin coloured silk Since scientists from the Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research, have been working on a way to make silkworms produce coloured silk – a method that bypasses the traditional silk-dyeing step and is also more environmentally-friendly.

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